URHOBO WADOO! Welcome to the page of Urhobo Progress Union, United Kingdom branch.

Urhobo Brotherly Society was established in 1931 which was incorporated in 1946, as Urhobo Progress Union.  The Union is the primary establishment of the Urhobo people of Delta State Nigeria; and is the umbrella of all Urhobo organisations.

Its purpose is to promote Urhobo cultures and traditions; building strength in Unity for the educational, social and economic advancement of Urhobo people worldwide.

Urhobo Progress Union is the Geo-political, Socio-Cultural Umbrella Organisation of the entire Urhobo Nation, UPU-UK is the United Kingdom branch of UPU.



The Motto of the Urhobo Progress Union (hereinafter referred to as the “Union”) is ‘Unity is Strength’  Slogan, ‘Urhobo Ovuovo’

The aims and objectives are:

  •  To foster the spirit of love, mutual understanding and brotherhood among Urhobo people; good relations with neighbouring people, and Nigerians in general.
  • To encourage the educational development of Urhobo people.
  • To promote and foster the development and economic participation of Urhobo people by encouraging the establishment of viable organisations, institutions or projects, to incorporate limited liability companies wherein members, the national body, the branches, clan Union can buy shares.
  • To acquire by way of grant, purchases, loans or otherwise, concessions, right or property or privileges from any Government for the purpose of achieving the aims and objectives of the union.
  • To work for mutual understanding and co-operation between Urhobo people and Governments
  • To project and protect the Urhobo personality at all times and everywhere.
  • To preserve and promote the culture and tradition of the Urhobo Nation.
  •  To give political, economic and social direction to the Urhobo Nation in National, States and Local matters affecting Urhobo interest.
  • Any other general purpose ancillary to and or connected with the aims and objectives of this association.

Details of Executives and other contact information will be updated after the elections of 2016