Urhobo Cartoon

13035534_1389871807705290_1702369122_oUrhobo.UK is delighted to work in partnership with Peter Nosiama, the pioneer of Urhobo Cartoon; to bring you this excellent series of Urhobo language cartoons.

Peter Nosiama is a young man with a huge passion for creativity. Although he is a graduate of Chemical Engineering, he has a strong passion for telling educative stories. He is also a specialist in 3D graphics.

He blended his art of telling stories and the fine art of 3D animation into pioneering the Urhobo Cartoon series, a project which he cherished so much.

a1 He aims to invigorate the Urhobo language both for the kids and adults with his Urhobo Cartoon videos.  Some of his works has featured in Delta Rainbow Television.  His aspiration is to continue to create more videos for the Urhobo families.

Contact Peter on:  +2348036247377  Email: pitanimation@gmail.com

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