Urhukpe Urhobo Ladies

Urukpe Urhobo


Urhukpe Urhobo Ladies Association was founded in September 6th 1988 and the founder president was Janet Eruvbetere who lead the union for 15 years.

Ms Onisuru Idigu took over from Janet in 2003 and further served for 9 years until 2012 and the current president is Onome Efebeh.

Our Motto: Love, Beauty and Unity is  testimony to our ever elegant nature and our relationship with one and another and the Nigerian community in UK and abroad.

The association started with just six members is now 44 in number and we are a non-profit making organisation.

Our aims and objectives are as follows

  • Promote unity and understanding amongst members.
  • Promote and maintain the culture of the people of Delta state.
  • Promote the economic and social development of Delta state and its people in Great Britain and Ireland.
  • Promote Public Health in Delta state, particularly in area of Hospital Equipment and Medications.

Over the years we have made donations from our fund raising functions.

Listed our donations to various hospitals in Delta State of Nigeria

  1. Eku Baptist Hospitals received beds donated by the union in 1993
  2. Funds raised in 1994 went towards Agbarho General Hospital they requested various hospital equipments
  3. Our 10 years  anniversary 1998  proceeds was donated to   Orerokpe  General Hospital they equally received various hospital equipments
  4. Our 15th year anniversary in  2003 benefited Ughelli General Hospitals they received both weighing scales for new born baby as well as chairs to be used at Accident and Emergency department.
  5. Funds raised at the 2008 anniversary benefitted both Sapele General Hospital and Uwheru General Hospital where they received Industrial Washing machine and Industrial General at Uwheru hospital.

Thanks to all our patrons and matrons especially our Founder Patron Late Chief Godwin Eguridu who was also Patron to our Lagos branch.

Urhukpe R’Urobo Ladies Association United Kingdom is one of the top ladies association representing and upholding the Urhobo culture in the UK and they are well known and respected for their charity work.

And thanks to the entire community both Urhobos and non-Urhobos that has been supporting us through the past 25 years.