Excitement as Urhobo Unity UK Election Approaches

Urhobo unity

Urhobo people UK are preparing for Urhobo unity elections under Urhobo United UK union, which has been formed after difficulties in holding unified elections earlier in the year.

This move has been propelled by the majority of Urhobo people in the UK, under the guidance of the Urhobo Leadership Forum UK; convened by Council of Urhobo Chiefs and all Urhobo heads of Kingdoms.   It is the Urhobo Leadership Forum that has worked persistently for a Urhobo unity election, and established an Electoral Committee to conduct the elections on behalf of the Urhobo people; it is this same electoral committee that is now preparing to conduct this inclusive Urhobo unity election.

The Electoral Committee released a statement on Friday 7th October 2016, thanking all Urhobo sons and daughters for their patience through the challenging period and for sticking with the process of unifying all Urhobo people in UK.

The statement also referred to the infighting that has dogged the Urhobo community in the UK but said that work must continue so that such infighting ended to pave the way for progress and development of the Urhobo community.  The intentions stated is to channel the energies and collective effort of the Urhobo people towards more productive endeavours by engaging and immersing the community in activities and positive discussions that will create an environment for development and achievement of the personal goals of individuals with the overarching goal  of elevating the Urhobo community to something the Urhobo next generation can be proud of and identify with.

A rallying call was put out from the Council of Urhobo Chiefs and heads of Urhobo Kingdoms to encourage as many Urhobo people as possible to register with the Electoral Committee, stand for elective positions and participate in the electoral process.

Registration for elections have commenced and the committee are registering people every Sunday from 3-5pm at Goddies Lodge New Cross, SE14 5BA (registration fee of £5 is payable).  Nomination forms are also available for the following positions:

1. The President
2. The Vice President
3. The General Secretary
4. The Financial Secretary
5. The Treasurer

Election Timetable:

30th October 2016 – Nominations closing date

6th November 2016 – Voters Registration Ends and Urhobo Question Time  – Urhobo Special General Meeting  to be held at St Mary’s Church Hall, St Mary’s Road Peckham, SE15 2EA.  4pm – 8pm prompt.

12th November 2016 – Election Day
All Saints Community Centre, New Cross. SE14 5DJ. 12 – 7pm prompt.

For further information please contact the following :

Chief Eric Bateren – 07960771933

Mr Onos Chanoms – 07447416561.
Urhobo United UK 🇬🇧 Electoral Committee
Publicity Secretary